Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What they say and what they really mean


To all my beloved friends... I paste this excerpt from my mentor website (Sdr Azizi Ali). Just to reflex that certain things are not usually what they really seem. I made my mistakes by buying a useless, worthless property and I'm still paying the price. Hope we can learn from our stupidest mistakes and move forward. It's a wild wild jungle out there!


What they say and what they really mean

By now, you would have realized that what some people say and what they really mean are two different things. Often, what they mean is the exact opposite of what they say.

Confused? Don't be. You'll see what I mean once you go between the lines of a typical property advertisement.

What they say - Excellent location

What they mean - It's excellent if you are into jungle survival.

What they say - 10 mins to KL

What they mean - 10 minutes by Concorde.

What they say - Proposed ...(fill in the blanks)

What they mean - Hey, you can't sue us if we don't build it. After all, it's only a proposal.

What they say - Freehold

What they mean - We have to include the word "free" somewhere in this ad to attract attention.

What they say - Reputable developer

What they mean - Developer has a reputation of not completing projects before.

What they say - Proven track record

What they mean - See above.

What they say - Close to Putrajaya

What they mean - Close to the least desirable part in Putrajaya.

What they say - The next "PJ/Subang Jaya/Damansara"

What they mean - Since when the next something has overshadowed the original? Ever heard of the next P.Ramlee or the next Bruce Lee?

What they say - Toll-free access

What they mean - The access is free but pay us big money you will. Oh yesss...

What they say - Free legal fees

What they mean - This is the only way we can make people sign those one-sided agreements.

What they say - In the Multi-Media Super Corridor

What they mean - The only thing Super here is the price.

What they say - Damansara

What they mean - The current hot name in properties. Even if the place is a thousand miles away from Damansara, let's change the name to Damansara something. Then we can charge a hefty premium. Heh! heh!

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