Monday, December 17, 2007

Jangan Minum Soya Bean di Waktu Hujan!

Saya dapat email ini daripada seoarang sahabat iaitu En Mahfudz. Beliau ingin mengetahui kebenaran artikel ini. Sesiapa ada bukti berdasarkan kajian yang terkini sila email kepada saya di alamt email saya. Buat masa ini, inilah jawapan saya.

Soalan : FACTs on Soyabean milk.

All of us know that soyabean milk drink provides good protein to our body... but not many of us know about the technicalities involved, on when to consume and when not to consume soyabean milk drinks.

Soyabean milk drinks are best consumed on hot sunny days where the sun is burning and glaring. The soyabean milk provide lots of nutrients to the body, as the body is able to absorb the protein well, under this type of weather condition.

However, avoid drinking soyabean milk when the weather is cloudy or raining. Drinking soyabean milk under this weather conditions, facts has proven that the body will not be able to absorb the protein. After a long run, it will result in a disease called "GOUT" or "high acidic urine", which is due to the high protein residue in the body.

GOUT will cause you to have pain to both your knee joints & heels, and it can only be controlled when you cut down on your food intake of proteins and aided with medications. The pain is unbearable. And, more often than not, usually, you will not have the slightest clue as to what would have caused you to have the pain.

Over the years of too much of foods intake like soya beans, ikan billis, broccoli, spinach, peanuts, animal organs ( i.e. liver) etc, could result in GOUT, so it's best to monitor your diet to help avoid GOUT as a cause of prevention.

Jawapan saya :

Thanks Mr Mahfudz for asking.
Appreciate your visit to my blog.

I have never heard such claim. So far our rudimentary system or we call it as Gastrointestinal shows no effect on weather changes. Whether its shiny, rainy or cloudy, the stomach and intestine will digest its protein content.

It is true that Soya bean has high protein content. Why only soya bean digestion alone will be effected by weather. How about meat and chicken? They also have high protein content.

Gout happens when there is deposition of crytallized uric acid into the joints. It is very painful and debilitating. It is true that it can be precipitated by anchovies, beans, red meat and internal organs because of their high DNA content (end product of protein) in the flesh. Not because taking them during shine or rain.

If that is the point, you will see many people quieing into the clinic because of gout in
November to December because of rainy season.

Thank you :)

Sekiranya anda mempunyai fakta yang berlainan tentang jawapan soya bean di atas. Sila emailkan saya. Terima kasih.

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Anonymous said...

Salaam, a few months back a friend told me that nowadays, kebanyakkan soya products adalah GMF produce (Genetically Modified Food). researches have shown that this may to some extent cause cancer. Ironically, this same friend who has done an extensive research in CANCER is now suffering from cancer and undergoing chemo.

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